Microgard Air Filter Review

Amongst many accessories or necessities which we need while owning a car, one of them is the Microgard Air Filters. Thus, today we will be discussing on the topic of the different Microgard Air Filters which are available for you to buy.

Before starting off with the review, let us give you a small gist of what these Microgard air filters are all about if you haven’t yet known these. These act like normal filters and also follow the working principle of any filter, just in this case, the work of these different Microgard air filters is to filter out the toxic particles which may harm or affect your car.

The point where these micro guard air filters take an edge over the normal paper filters is the passage of free air to the engine.

Review of the 3 Best Microgard Air Filters

In today’s review, along with the good and the bad of these Microgard Air Filters, we are also going to discuss the compatibility of the Microgard air filters. Do remember, that if you have any kind of doubt of confusion in your mind, you can clear them out by heading onto and checking the rating of these Microgard air filters on Fixd due to the reason that they will provide you the most unbiased suggestions.

Now, let us straight head to the review:



  • Has a height of 3.04 inch
  • Inside and outside diameter measures 11.625 inches and 13.875 inches respectively
  • Comprises of an efficiency percentage of 97.5%


Compatible with vehicle from Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC 44 and Oldsmobile


To provide filtration of all toxic particles from entering the system of your vehicle.



  • The height is about 2.264 inch
  • The inside and the outside diameter is about 8.187 inch and 9.718 inches respectively
  • The efficiency of this product is roughly about 97.5%


Compatible with vehicles from AM General, Dodge, International, Mercury, Studebaker, American Motors, Ford, Jeep and Plymouth


Providing protection to the engine of the vehicle from all the different conditions which we come to our daily life.



  • The height of this product is about 2.64 inch
  • The length and the breadth of this product is approximately about 10 inch and 9.06 inch respectively
  • The media of filtration is set so that this filter holds the responsibility of filtrating out any kind of dust particles or dirt particles from entering into our vehicle


Compatible with vehicles from Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Pontiac.


This particular product is called the air filter for the cabin of your vehicle. The responsibility of this product is to filtrate out all types of unwanted particles entering our vehicle from the system held up for ventilation.

Thus, we highly recommend you to buy any one of these three filters when it comes to buying Microgard Air Filter because these are the best ones in its class. You do get others, but they are as good as these three are.

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