Walker Catalytic Converter Review

As we all say, “Old is Gold,” it was back in somewhere around the 1930’s when Walker first came out with the improved technology of exhausts for your vehicle. But, as we know, with years passing, our environment has highly become polluted with all the different harmful gases which are ejected from the exhaust pipes of the vehicles. To bring a revolution to this and to put a restriction on this factor, it is Walker again who has come up with a brilliant filtrating concept of technology, through which they made these catalytic convertors, thereby leading us to give you a Walker Catalytic Convertor Review.

Walker 15820 Ultra EPA Certified Catalytic Converter
  • Designed for use on OBDII (1996 and newer) vehicles
  • Flange to flange, direct fit design bolts to existing exhaust
  • High precious metal load and high technology washcoat for premium performance
  • Stainless steel body and aluminized body and pipe heat shields for durability
  • Thick OE-style flanges, hangers and brackets for enhanced strength.

The catalytic convertor which is launched by Walker has been named as “Walker 15036 Standard Universal Convertor,” and this is the product we are going to talk about today so that you get a clear idea of how good or how bad this product is. If somehow, you are not aware of the concept of these catalytic convertors, you can go ahead and check the part where Fixd explains the entire working and the concept of Catalytic Convertors nicely and efficiently.

What is Walker 15036 Standard Universal Convertor and Why Should We Inherit the Walker 15036 Standard Universal Convertor

Walker 15036 Standard Universal Converter - Non-CARB Compliant
  • Designed for use on Pre-OBDII vehicles. (1995 and older)
  • Stainless steel body with aluminized pipe and heat shields for durability
  • Expandable bushings for custom installation requirements. Oxygen sensor location : No Port Location
  • Universal converter may require modification to complete installation.
  • 25,000-mi catalytic performance & 5-year/50,000-mi structural integrity warranty

There are certain requirements of Walker 15036 Standard Universal Convertor, which are needed to be fulfilled if you are looking forward towards purchasing this product. Thus, firstly, is the support of the measurements. It is said that this catalytic convertor from Walker will fit nicely into those specific applications which comes along with a couple of pipes in and pipe out inputs. These catalytic conductors will only fit nicely in those applications, which host an inlet pipe of 2 inches and also an outlet pipe of 2 inches. Though the approximate length of this product is measured to be around 13.25 inch and made entirely of steel, the entire weight of this product hardly weighs somewhere around less than 5 pounds.

Also, there is a point that you should keep in mind that is the installation of this product. Mainly people don’t know the right method of inserting it, and thereby they fall into further problems. The side or the direction in which you are entering this product matches nowhere. Any side would do. Just, do remember that no matter from which side you are initiating, the heat shield which is present on the product should always face upwards.

One point to notice for all who are planning to go ahead with this product is that doesn’t expect this product to be very shiny, polished and has an attractive look. This product by no means increases to even tend to increase the looks of your vehicle. It has a well-defined job to take care of, and that is what this product does with full concentration.

Now, it is up to you to decide what you want to do. Would you like to make a change? Or would you be pleased to buy the Walker Catalytic Convertor. For more information, you can also check the cost of Walker 15036 Catalytic Convertor.